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  • Fish feed granulaor machine
Fish feed granulaor machine

Fish feed granulaor machine

Fish feed granulaor 

We can call it extruder machine, also the feed pellet mill, it can produce different style feed pellet for fish, dog, cat, bird, catfish, chicken, pig etc. 
 It is one small capacity of 180-200kg per hour, invest less, so it will be the best machine for you to start a new business. 

1. International advanced pelletizing structure, the use of soft knife to achieve stepless speed, can cut into the required length of the product, not easy to produce burr.
2. Unique design, simple structure, easy to install to operate
3. Sleeves and screws are made of special wear-resistant, high temperature alloy steel material, heat treatment molding with long life advantages.
4. Equipped with a unique booster die device to ensure feed production and quality; and equipped with electric heating device to improve feed puffing rate.
5. The main motor using high-quality Y series three-phase motor, to ensure strong power.
6. Speed feeding device, more convenient operation, feeding evenly
7. Simple to replace the modules,only replace the required modules when need to make differet diameter feed 
8. The floating and puffed feed can be floating in the water to keep at least 12 hours without loose, fish and poultry like digestion and easy to digest.Will not pollute the water. Material is treated by high temperature and high pressure to effectively kill E. coli, Salmonella and other harmful bacteria, to ensure that the feed health, is conducive to protein denaturation and starch gelatinization, fish and livestock absorption easily. Generally use puffed fish feed than powder or pellet feed to save feed 8% -15%.
9.Can produce aquatic products, poultry feed, can eliminate the material containing most of the toxins and anti-nutritional factors of anti-trypsin and urease, which is conducive to animal digestion and absorption, improve the digestibility of nutrients. 
10, The regulator steam control more convenient, accurate, and can even add liquid components
11, The material can be into the expansion freely, the special design ensures without any material block or material returning when feeding
12, Equipped with a quick discharge device to prevent the material or foreign matter into the puffing stage.







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